Staff List

Administrative Officers

Arnold M. Eisen, Chancellor and President of the Faculties
Marc Gary, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
Bonnie Epstein, Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer
Martin Oppenheimer, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Fred Schnur, Chief Financial Officer
Alan Cooper, Provost
Stephen Garfinkel, Associate Provost

Schools and Programs

Division of Academic Jewish Studies
Shuly Rubin Schwartz, Walter and Sarah Schlesinger Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Shira Kohn, Associate Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies
Aliyah Vinikoor, Associate Dean
Brian Smollett, Assistant Dean
Melissa Present, Director of Admissions
Sarah Steinmann, Assistant Director of Admissions

The Graduate School

Jody Gansel, Director of Admissions
Chava Blumenthal, Office Manager

Division of Educational Leadership
Bill Robinson, Dean of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education

William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education
Ofra Backenroth, Associate Dean
Alex Sinclair, Director of Programs in Israel Education
Jonathan Lipnick, Rabbi-in-Residence
Jody Gansel, Director of Admissions
Rosemary Raymond, Executive Assistant
Jillian Halpern, Administrative Assistant

Melton Research Center for Jewish Education
Barry Holtz, Director
Deborah D. Miller, Associate Director; Project Director, Project Etgar and Etgar Yesodi
Zachary Lasker, Director, Melton Research Center Educational Projects
Charlotte Abramson, Director, Jewish Day School Standards and Benchmarks Project
Raymond Levi, Director of Day School Leadership Training Institute
Lyndall Miller, Director of the Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute
Jason Gitlin, ReFrame Project Manager
Janette Silverman, Outreach Director
Edie Freudenberger, Education Technologist
Debra Kerschner, Project Manager, Project Etgar and Etgar Yesodi
Cheryl Magen, Senior Experiential Educator
Mark Young, Director of Alumni Engagement
Galya Greenberg, Project Director, MaToK
Mitchell Gersten, Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Rogers, Administrative Assistant

Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School
Noah Bickart, Principal
Nicole Dumpson, Administrative Assistant

Division of Religious Leadership
Daniel Nevins, Pearl Resnick Dean of The Rabbinical School

H. L. Miller Cantorial School and College of Jewish Music
Nancy Abramson, Michael Greene Director
Joel Alter, Director of Admissions
Rita Gordon, Executive Assistant

The Rabbinical School
Lisa Gelber, Associate Dean
Joel Alter, Director of Admissions
Matthew Berkowitz, Director of Israel Programs
Rita Gordon, Executive Assistant

Center for Pastoral Education
Mychal Springer, Director
Allison Kestenbaum, ACPE Supervisor
Daniel Silberbusch, ACPE Supervisory Resident
Bryan Brown, Administrative Assistant

Administrative Departments

Academic Affairs
Tsivia Finman, Manager of Academic Planning

Elise Dowell, Chief Communications Officer
Aly Gerber, Director, Digital and Media 
Hedy End, Director, Editorial and Production
Larissa Lytwyn, Writer/Editor
Svetlana Margolin, Communications Manager
Beatrice Mora, Communications Coordinator
Rachel Cahn, Senior Communications Manager for The Davidson School

Community Engagement
Julia Andelman, Director of Community Engagement
Stacy Asch, Administrative Assistant
Tim Bernard, Director of Digital Learning and Engagement
S. Alisa Braun, Academic Director 
Lynn Feinman, Manager of Site Relations and Administration of Context
Tom Kagedan, Director of Public Events 
Tani Schwartz-Herman, Program Director  

Counseling Center
David Davar, Director of Student Counseling 
Katherine Jenness, Senior Psychologist
Audrey Reichman, Staff Psychologist

Bonnie Epstein, Vice Chancellor and Chief Development Officer
Ted Haegele, Director, Central Donor Records
Josie Gray, Director Institutional Grants

Joan Goodman, Director of Lay Leadership Development
Rabbi David Hoffman, Scholar-in-Residence
Sherry Rosen, Director, Development Research and Writing
Danielle Upbin, Kollot Rabbinic Fellow, Florida Region
Judith Greenberg, Kollot Rabbinic Fellow, Midwest Region
Lilly Kaufman, Director, Torah Fund
Bonnie Biondi, Principal Gifts Officer, New York Region
Nadine Sasson Cohen, Principal Gifts Officer, Midwest Region
Dana Hartman, Principal Gifts Officer, Mid-Atlantic Region
Carolyn Kantor, Principal Gifts Officer, Florida Region
Lucile Posner, Principal Gifts Officer, New York Region
Dorit Rabbani, Principal Gifts Officer, New York Region
Tom Wexelberg-Clouser, Principal Gifts Officer, Great Lakes Region
Michele Carlin, Director of Special Events
Marcy Sperry, Foundations Relationship Manager
Sherrill Moss-Solomon, Finance Manager, Torah Fund, and Development Office Manager
Devika Russell Paltooram, Gifts Processing Manager
Adena Stern, Stewardship Manager
Amanda Mata, Development Associate
Elaine Assing, Administrative Assistant to Senior Director and Scholar-in-Residence
Karen Tenesaca, Administrative Assistant, Torah Fund
James Grace, Administrative Assistant, Principal Gifts
Lesa Habif, Administrative Assistant, Principal Gifts
Bonnie Smith, Administrative Assistant, Florida Region
Adam Solomon, Administrative Assistant, Central Donor Records
Beverly Roth, Administrative Assistant, Great Lakes Region
Zwedi Seyoum, Administrative Assistant, Grants

Melissa Friedman, Director, Diane and Howard Wohl Office of Alumni Affairs

Enrollment Management
Melissa Present, Director of Enrollment Management and List College Admissions
Ya'el Hasson, Admissions Processing Coordinator

Executive Staff to Administrative Officers
Michelle Giovanello, Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor
Ronnie Stark, Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Marilyn Nichols, Executive Assistant, Development
Akila Srinivasan, Executive Assistant, Legal Affairs, Board of Trustees

Facilities Management
James Esposito, Director of Operations
Rosario Velez, Assistant Director, Facilities Management
Robert Dice, Assistant Director, Maintenance
Lawrence Rosario, Purchasing Manager
Ramon Vargas, Receiving Specialist
Stanley Schein, Lead Mailroom Clerk
Lawrence Rolfo, Duplicating Clerk
Teresa Heredia, Administrative Assistant
Jonathan Murray, Administrative Assistant

Faculty Center
Eve Stern, Office Manager
Jeanette Bland, Administrative Assistant

Finance and Accounting
Fred Schnur, Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Dorsch, Budget Director
Jonathan Berger, Financial Analyst
Jeannie Morales, Financial Coordinator

Abraham Alper, Director of Accounting
Kerry Semple, Accounting Manager
Dwayne Hubbard, Payroll Manager
Amaleta Forbes, Senior Accountant
Sarah Kherief, Bursar
Helen Ricketts, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Thwe Soe, Senior Accounting Clerk

Human Resources
Diana Torres-Petrilli, Director
Yosef Merves, Human Resources Coordinator
Eithne Amos, Administrative Assistant

Information Technology
Hal Pollenz, Director
Lewis Lane, Assistant Director
Scott Karr, Business Applications Manager
Hadassah Nemovicher, Goodman Language Lab Director
Suying Qian, SQL Programmer
Stephen Bavier, Web Developer
Konstantin Markov, Helpdesk Technician

New Media
Larry Cameola, Lead Media Producer
Shavon Meyers, New Media Coordinator

Registrar and Financial Aid
Linda Levine, Registrar and Director of Financial Aid
Amy Hersh, Assistant Registrar and Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Shira Markert, Office Manager

Residence Life
Bradley Moot, Director
Shira Markert, Office Manager

Security and Safety
Anthony Vaughan, Assistant Director of Security
Angel Maya, Sergeant of Security
Noelia Ramirez, Sergeant of Security

Student Life
Sara Horowitz, Dean
Ruth Decalo, Director
Shira Markert, Office Manager

Libraries, Research Centers and Institutes

The Library
David C. Kraemer, Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian
Naomi M. Steinberger, Director of Library Services
Rena Borow, Administrative Librarian for Public Services
Sarah Diamant, Administrative Librarian for Special Collections
Jerry Schwarzbard, Henry R. and Miriam Ripps Schnitzer Librarian for Special Collections
Sara Spiegel, Administrative Librarian for Technical Services

Amy Gerbracht Armstrong, Senior Conservator
Harriet Atik, Senior Cataloger and Copy Cataloging Supervisor
Michala Biondi, Archivist
Felix Blank, Library Clerk
Ina Rubin Cohen, Public Services Librarian
Elyse Driscoll, Project Conservator
Anna Dukhovny, Library Acquisitions Clerk
Hector Guzman, Executive Assistant
Paul Jiang, Systems and Digitization Librarian
Sofia Kantarzhi, Senior Library Clerk
Claire Kenny, Project Conservator
Warren Klein, Library Specialist, Special Collections
Rina Krautwirth, Circulation Desk Supervisor
Rita Lifton, Senior Cataloger
Elena Milkova, Library Clerk
Jeremy Meyerowitz, Public Services Librarian
Clifford G. Miller, Senior Cataloger
Sharon Liberman Mintz, Curator of Jewish Art
Michael Reuveni, Library Specialist, Technical Services
Lisa Rohde, Copy Cataloger
Jay Rovner, Manuscript Bibliographer
Amy Stecher, Conservation Assistant
Akiko Yamazaki-Kleps, Conservator
Havva Zellner, Legacy Heritage Foundation Project Coordinator

Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies
Burton L. Visotzky, Louis Stein Director
Leonard Sharzer, Associate Director for Bioethics

Milstein Center for Interreligious Dialogue
Burton L. Visotzky, Director

Project Judaica
David Fishman, Director
Yosef Merves, Administrative Assistant

Saul Lieberman Institute for Talmudic Research
Shamma Friedman, Director
Eliashiv Fraenkel, Senior Proofreader
Elisheva Septimus, Administrative Assistant

Shalom Spiegel Institute for Medieval Hebrew Poetry
Raymond P. Scheindlin, Director

Educational and Cultural Affiliates

The Jewish Museum
Claudia Gould, Helen Goldsmith Menschel Director
Ruth Beesch, Deputy Director for Program Administration
Jens Hoffmann, Deputy Director for Exhibitions and Public Programs
Joseph Rorech, Deputy Director for Finance and Administration
Ellen Salpeter, Deputy Director for External Affairs

Ramah Camps and Israel Programs
Mitchell Cohen, National Director
Amy Skopp Cooper, National Associate Director and Director, Ramah Day Camp in Nyack
Jeffrey Goodman, National Business Manager
Richard S. Moline, Director, Reshet Ramah Alumni and Community Engagement