Jewish Professional Leadership

Two dual-degree programs of Gershon Kekst Graduate School of The Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University prepare students for professional leadership careers in the Jewish community:

The two programs in Jewish Professional Leadership offered by Gershon Kekst Graduate School and Columbia University's School of Social Work (CUSSW) and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) provide future professionals with exceptional skills, knowledge, dedication, and vision for challenging leadership positions in Jewish communal organizations. Our graduates are making a difference every day in the Jewish community and beyond.

Dynamic and innovative courses of study, these programs allow students to take courses at two world-class institutions and receive two degrees: a master of arts in Jewish Studies from JTS and either a master of science in Social Work from CUSSW or a master of public administration from SIPA.

Students in either of our two Jewish Professional Leadership programs receive an outstanding classroom education combined with extraordinary real-world experiences. The combination allows our graduates to excel in diverse, complex organizations on international, regional, and local levels.

The quality and flexibility of the Jewish Professional Leadership programs enable graduates to pursue careers in countless settings. Federations, Hillels, family service agencies, Jewish community centers, camps, Jewish supplementary schools, and foundations are only a few of the options available to the programs' graduates.

Having two degrees allows graduates to move vertically within their chosen field and to move easily from one sector to another. The unparalleled energy, passion, and ability of our graduates place them among the most sought-after professionals.

Prospective students interested in Jewish Professional Leadership apply to both to JTS and CSSW or SIPA. The Jewish Professional Leadership program requires applicants to demonstrate a commitment to the Jewish community. Contact Admissions at (212) 678-8022 or to learn more. Visit the CSSW or SIPA websites to learn more about admissions requirements.