Jewish Music

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Bachelor of Arts (from List College)
Master of Sacred Music (from the Rabbinical School)

Bachelor of Arts

Admission Requirements

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Degree Requirements

This is a special major, by application only, for students with previous musical background
Adviser: Cantor Nancy Abramson,, (212) 678-8036 

  • 6 credits (2 semesters) of music theory
  • 9 credits (3 courses) of survey courses
  • 4 credits (2 semesters) of Chorus
  • 3 credits (1 course) HAZ 4410, Scales, Modes, and Motifs
  • 6 credits (2 courses) of electives, chosen in consultation with the adviser (Electives may include guitar/piano, vocal pedagogy, nusach, ear training, and/or a relevant course at Columbia with adviser's approval)
  • 3 credits (1 course) senior/capstone seminar 


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    Master of Sacred Music

    The program in Sacred Music is designed to offer qualified Rabbinical students the opportunity for training in Jewish music and liturgy.

    In order for students to receive the Rabbinical School MA in Jewish Sacred Music, they must complete 30 credits, 21 non-duplicative credits in the area of Jewish Music (HAZ, MUS and JMU courses) and 9 credits in related fields such as Liturgy, Bible, etc. Students must also fulfill all the Iyun Judaica Distributional Requirements for the rabbinical school program (45 credits).

    The 21 non-duplicative credits must include:

    HAZ 4410 Scales Modes and Motifs (3 credits)

    HAZ 4210 & HAZ 4211 Shabbat Nusah Practicum (6 credits) or

    HAZ 4250 & HAZ 4251 High Holiday Nusah Practicum (6 credits)

    MUS 4110 & MUS 4111 Chorus (4 credits)

    JMU 4010 & JMU 4011 Discovering the Roots of Jewish Music (6 credits)

    One additional course to be decided on in consultation with the director of the H.L. Miller Cantorial School.

    The 9 duplicative credits will be decided upon jointly by the dean of the Division of Religious Leadership and the director of the H.L. Miller Cantorial School, and must include at least one LTG course.

    Additional requirements:

    Written Master's Thesis or Project

    Weekly attendance at the CS Minyan and Mifgash (Wednesdays, 7:45 - 10:00am)

    Prerequisites include:

    One year of college level music theory, or the equivalent