Tenth Grade II: Medieval Jewish Civilization Syllabus, Tzachie Shalev


September 23

Opening Sunday

September 30

Introduction: History and memory

October 7

Palace in the middle of nowhere: The story of Masada

October 14

From traditions to texts

October 21

Sects, cults, and denominations

October 28

For argument’s sake: The Talmud

November 4

Survey of Judaism and Christianity

November 11

Jews come to Europe, stop marrying like Mormons (and other important changes)

November 18

Survey of Judaism and Islam

December 2

Nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition

December 9

Zionism and Hanukkah

December 16

Kabbalah, messianism, and Hasidic Judaism


January 6

Haskalah and tradition

January 13