Salt in the Wind: A Major Look at Minor Biblical Figures, Level I

Salt in the Wind: A Major Look at Minor Biblical Figures

We know that Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, but who was she really? This series will look at biblical figures that are only discussed from a distance, sometimes referred to anonymously, perhaps even by a pronoun. We will look at what our tradition has to say about them and what more we can learn. We will meet these figures of our past, face-to-face, and find out who they really were. This will help us to enrich both our text skills and our knowledge of biblical personas, as well as enrich the stories we have come to know and love in our Tanakh. Please note: no prior biblical text study experience necessary, but some familiarity with the major characters and stories of the Bible is recommended. Figures to be studied include: Noah’s Wife, Lot’s Wife, Joseph’s Man in the Field, Bigtan and Teresh, Shifrah and Puah.

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