First Semester

Order in the Court

Ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer and litigating in court on behalf of your clients? Does the word “objection” thrill you? Wish to contribute to world justice? Join us! In this course, we will explore different legal matters in the American, Israeli, and Jewish legal systems. Issues such as credibility of witnesses, euthanasia, contracts, human rights, and criminal law will be discussed while exploring legal sources of Jewish law (such as the Mishnah, Shulhan Arukh, and Responsa literature).

Leaders of the World in Dialogue

Who is a good leader? What are the differences between leaders in different countries? In this course, we will familiarize ourselves with different leaders around the world, learn what motivates them, what they wanted to achieve, and the way they have influenced their country and the world. The course will compare Jewish and non-Jewish leaders from many different aspects of society: politics, art, education, military, civil rights activists, and more.

Second Semester

Comparative Events

Why is it that some tragic events in history had such different impacts on various societies? How do geography, history, and culture play an important role in the scope of these occurrences, as well as the reconciliation process? In this course, we will compare major events that the Jewish people have experienced in Israel and around the world. We will examine the Holocaust and other genocides, the assassination of political leaders, the peace process, and much more.