Report Cards

Please click on the following links to apply for report card letter grades. You must respond to the essay question(s), and you will then be graded on your essays, as well as your class attendance and participation.

(Please note that students in Hebrew language classes and online classes will be graded automatically.)

Jeffrey Abraham:

Jeffrey Abraham: Judaism and Sports: Can They Coexist?

Seventh/Eighth Grade: Biblical Civilization

Tenth Grade: Medieval Jewish Civilization

Noah Bickart:

Seventh–Ninth Grades: Beit Midrash

Tenth–Twelfth Grades: Beit Midrash

Ofer Caspi:

2000 years of L o o v e! Jewish Romance and Love in Times of Struggle

Comparative Culture

Rabbi Barry Chesler:

Return of the King(s): Melachim Bet, Second Book of Kings Eleventh Grade: Modern Jewish Civilization

Eleventh Grade: Modern Jewish Civilization

Ninth Grade: Rabbinic Civilization

Shlomi Cohen:

Sunday at JTS:

Lead and I Will Follow: Leaders of the World in Dialogue

From Symbolism to Reality

My World, Israel, and Me

Tuesday at Ridgewood:

Comparative Events

Israel Literature

Jeremy Fine:

Introduction to Jewish Film 

Elisheva Gould:

“Who are we?”: Israeli and American-Jewish Film and Text

Rabbi Jeremey Kalmanofsky:

Holy and Unholy War: The Ethics of Violence in Jewish Tradition


Cantor Larry Magarik:

Twelfth Grade: Contemporary Jewish Civilization

Rabbi Michael Paley:

Zionist Philosophies

Abraham Rubin:

Comic Books and Judaism: The Jewish Experience in the Graphic Novel

Erel Shvil:

"If Madonna can, I can": Understanding Basic Notions in Mysticism and Spirituality in Judaism

Portraits of Israel

Israel Advocacy