Online course: Tragedy, Triumph, or Somewhere in-Between? Syllabus

Heinrich Graetz, Salo Baron, and YOU: Addressing and challenging the “Lachrymose conception of Jewish history”

Babylonian Exile, Persian redemption, and the erection of the Second Temple

Maccabees I and II: Who were these guys and what were they after?

Rome and the Jews, first century CE: Would you buy a used car from Josephus?

Jews under Christian Rome: Laws of Justinian

Jews and Early Islam: The saga of the Banu Qurayza

Muslim Iberia: Okay, so it’s the Golden Age. What’s all the hubbub about?

Christian Iberia: Did things change after the Reconquista? If so, how?

Iberian Peninsula 1391–1492: A century of doom?

Expulsions from France and England: Money and God

Emancipation: The efforts of French and German Jewry to integrate

The Russian/East European Quandary: What’s a pogrom anyway?

Yep, the Holocaust