Mysticism and Spirituality in Judaism—Syllabus

September 23            

Student Orientation Day

September 30            

Expectation and Acquaintanceship

October 7                   

The Kabbalah—Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

October 14                 

The Sephirot—Introduction to Jewish Mysticism (continued)

October 21                

The Hasidic Movement—Rabbi Nachman’s Legacy 

October 28                 

Rabbi Nachman’s Tales—Getting the Tolls

November 4              

First Tale—I. The Lost Princess

November 11             

II. The Lost Princess (continued)

November 18             

Second Tale—I. Prince and Servant Boy Who Changed Places

November 25             

Thanksgiving Break—No Classes

December 2               

II. Prince and Servant Boy Who Changed Places (continued)

December 9               

III. Prince and Servant Boy Who Changed Places (continued)

December 16             

Third Tale—The Rabbi’s Only Son

December 23, 30        

Winter Break—No Classes

January 6                   

II. The Rabbi’s Only Son (continued)

January 13                 

Summary—End of fall semester

January 20                 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend—No Classes


Teacher’s Expectations From the Students   

The students and the teacher will arrive on time, come prepared to class, and are expected to be fully present.

The students are expected to be open-minded and take part in class discussions.

Please be do not hesitate to express your inner thoughts with the rest of the classmates; there are no right or wrong answers in this class!

Students are expected to respect each other; do not belittle anyone for his or her opinion.


Class discussions