Israel and Jewish History and Culture


Tarbut Ivrit

Tarbut Ivrit (Hebrew culture) consists of a menu of seven courses that students may choose from during their Sunday Hebrew hour. (Students who desire a more intensive Hebrew language option may explore our NETA intensive Hebrew language program.)

Option 1: Hebrew as a Second Language

Students who choose this option study one hour a week, and commit to one half-hour of Hebrew homework per week plus modest evaluation and testing.

Option 2: Limud Yisrael (Israeli Studies and Culture)

Students have the option of taking a year-long course on one of many different aspects of Israel. More information about each course is in the course booklet (distributed each summer).


Courses for Seventh-Ninth Grades

Courses for Tenth-Twelfth Grades

Introduction to Zionism

Israel Advocacy

Portraits of Israel

Comparative Culture

From Symbolism to Reality

My World, Israel, and Me

Jewish History and Culture

Jewish Civilization Seminars

Grade-level seminars are based on a Jewish civilization model. Each seminar brings together Jewish history, theology, ritual, art, and culture of the period examined to form a coherent picture of Judaism and Jewish life in that period.

Each seminar is taught with an emphasis on what its content means to our students today.

Seventh/Eighth grade: Biblical Civilization (1800 BCE to 180 CE)

Ninth grade: Rabbinic Civilization (180 CE to 600 CE)

Tenth grade: Medieval Jewish Civilization (576 CE to 1750 CE)

Eleventh grade: Modern Jewish Civilization (1750 CE to the 1920s)

Twelfth grade: Contemporary Jewish Civilization (1900 CE to present)