Comparative Culture—Syllabus

January 27–February 3
The poet Rachel vs. Sylvia Plath: The morose, heartrending existentialism of perfectionist women disappointed with life.

February 10
Fine arts: Israeli meagerness of matter vs. pop art, postmodernism, and colorful hedonism.

February 24–March 2
American Idol vs. “Kochav Nolad”: Newly born stars as a threat to the old cultural regime and as common denominators of cultural classes.

March 9–March 16
Late Summer Blues vs. Hair: The youth protest against war that gave birth to flower children, hippies, and the Summer of Love.

March 23–March 30
How have the greatest athletes and sports events reflected and influenced the social, political, and cultural turmoil of their times?

April 13–May 4: Assembly schedule
Ofra Haza vs. Marilyn Monroe: The controversial, mysterious death of a goddess.

April 20: Passover (no Sunday classes)

May 11
Fashion police: Fads and fashions reach millions, shape cultural conceptions, and even overthrow governments and change the fate of war.

May 18: Graduation and last day of classes
How celebrities and tabloids contribute to social polarity. (other: Coca-Cola, jeans and McDonalds; corporate culture took over socialist values).