Beit Midrash Katan Syllabus

September 23

Opening Sunday

September 30

Beit Midrash Orientation

October 7

Introduction to Havruta Study

October 14

Alexander the Great and Shimon Hatzaddik (Part I)

October 21

Alexander the Great and Shimon Hatzaddik (Part II)

October 28

Abraham and Sargon (Part I)

November 4

Abraham and Sargon (Part II) and CAT

November 11

Jews, Christians, and Romans (Part I)

November 18

Jews, Christians, and Romans (Part II)

December 2

Antiochus and Matisyahu

December 9

Maccabbees and Indians

December 16

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Talmud but Were Afraid to Ask

January 6, 2008

Assessment—Meeting of the Minds, Meetings in Our Minds

January 13