Seventh Through Ninth Grades: Beit Midrash Syllabus


September 30             

Introduction to Mishnah: Tractate Sukkot (It's Sukkot, so why not?)

October 7             

Passover, the Paschal Lamb, and the holiday meal: the Torah's Perspective

October 14             

The rabbinic version of the order of the meal #1

October 21             

The rabbinic version of the order of the meal #2

October 28             

The Mishnah vs. the Tosefta: which comes first?

November 4             

The Mishnah vs. the Haggadah: what changes after the Temple is no more?

November 11             

Midrash on Numbers Chapter 26

November 18             

(Noah will be absent, special lesson TBA)

November 25             

(Thanksgiving Break)

December 2             

Mishnah continued

December 9             

The Mishnah vs. Midrash: which is a better way to tell a story?

December 16             

Highlights from Talmud Yerushalmi

December 23             

(Winter Break)

December 30             

(Winter Break)


January 6             

Highlights from Talmud Bavli

January 13             

Student presentations and wrap-up