JTS Presents:

Context Mini-Courses

Context Mini-Courses consist of three to five sessions of 90 minutes each, and are offered throughout the year at synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in the Greater New York area and beyond. Participants register in advance and are provided with texts to prepare for in-depth discussion and serious study of the sources that are central to Judaism and Jewish history.


Popular topics include:

Forbidden Wisdom: Kabbalah Through the Ages

"In Those Days at This Time": The Origins and Celebration of Hanukkah from Ancient Times to the Present

"How Has This Night Been Different from All Others?": The Development of Passover Ritual from Biblical Times to the Present

"How Could We Forget Thee, O Jerusalem": The Idea of Return to Zion in Jewish History

"For You Were Strangers in the Land of Egypt": Encounters with the Foreigner in Jewish Text and History

Israeli Short Stories

American Jewish Short Stories

Please contact the Context office at (212) 570-5850 or context@jtsa.edu for advance notice of Summer 2014 Mini-Courses.