Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Enrichment Initiative (LHREI)

For the past twenty-three years, JTS has offered the Rabbinic Training Institute as our major program of continuing rabbinic education. Recognizing the need for more successful programs like RTI, JTS established the Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Enrichment Initiative to address the needs of rabbis in transitional leadership positions.

The Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Enrichment Initiative is open to eighteen congregational rabbis who are in evolving positions of leadership after eight to fifteen years in the rabbinate, and require further skills development. After eight to fifteen years, rabbis have spent time as either an assistant rabbi or as a solo rabbi in a small- to medium-size pulpit and are experiencing greater demands and expectations from their laity and their positions. Their leadership skills are being challenged, and they require serious continuing education.

The invited fellows will enter into a learning contract with JTS as well as with their congregational board of directors. The contract will outline the parameters of the fellowship (courses and learning) and the time commitment, and recognize, from both the lay and clergy points of view, that such professional development should be an investment in their collective future and not considered vacation.

Rabbis who are accepted as LHREI Fellows are fully sponsored (including all travel, lodging, materials, and seminars). Support for the Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Enrichment Initiative has been generously provided by the Legacy Heritage Fund Limited.