Jackie Schreiber

William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education

Hometown: Oyster Bay, New York

Degree program, JTS: Master of Arts in Jewish Experiential Education

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism, Emory University

Extracurricular/cocurricular activities: Teaching at Central Synagogue, playing tennis, and skiing

Internship(s): Admissions for The Davidson School; next year, my practicum will be at the JCC Maccabi Experience.

Favorite class at JTS: Techniques of Experiential Education

Best JTS experience: In January, all of the first-year Davidson School students participated in the Visions and Voices of Israel Seminar. Even though I had already spent a significant amount of time in Israel, this trip was different. Having taken a full semester of classes about Jewish education, I went into this trip with a new perspective, really thinking as an educator. Israel is such a complex and diverse country, and this seminar was an incredible opportunity for us as educators to learn together by experiencing different aspects of Israeli culture and society. It was also a wonderful bonding experience for everyone.

Three favorite things about living in New York City: Central Park, museums and other cultural activities, and great restaurants

After JTS (I plan to) . . .
create exciting programs to help people build positive associations with Judaism.

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