Resources for Celebrating Sukkot 5774

Sukkot is a time when we gather with family and friends to celebrate the harvest. May you have a joyous Sukkot 5774 from all of us at The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Celebrate Sukkot
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The Ushpizin Art Exhibit
The Ushpizin art exhibit will be held in the Adele Ginzberg Women's League Sukkah at JTS. The project began two years ago with many original works of art created specifically for the sukkah by JTS students and members of our community, and is designed to include new pieces each year until the entire sukkah is covered.  



Photo credit: Aryeh Davidson

Torah Commentaries
From the archives of the weekly JTS Torah Commentary, enjoy these reflections on Sukkot.

The Fruits of Close Reading

Ushpizin in the Sukkah

Work Transforming into Joy

Eating in the Wilderness

Innovation in Jewish Tradition

"This is Water" and This is Joy

What Is A Sukkah, Really?

Building the Sukkah at JTS
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