David Senesh, adjunct assistant professor of Pastoral Care

David Senesh is an adjunct assistant professor of Pastoral Care at the Center for Pastoral Education at The Jewish Theological Seminary for fall 2013. A clinical psychologist and supervisor of psychotherapy in two clinics and a lecturer at Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dr. Senesh has diverse research interests that include discourse analysis, narrative psychology, post-traumatic stress disorder and moral resilience, and restorative processes. He is a member of Restorative Justice in Israel, the PsychoActive group of mental health practitioners against the violation of human rights, and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel.

Dr. Senesh was born in Israel, and lives with his family in the town of Tel Mond. He earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary.

This fall, Dr. Senesh is teaching the following course at JTS: PAS 7428: Trauma in the United States and Israel                           

Course Description
An opportunity to get acquainted with the broad scope of trauma phenomenology and its collective historical sources and their intergenerational transfer, interfacing with current threats and stressors in daily life. The personal impact and post-traumatic consequences of extreme life events will be explored at various levels: personal, familial, communal, social, including in the context of the military. Prerequisites: prior course work in Pastoral Care; HEB 5303.