Arnold Eisen Speaks at Schechter Rededication

Rededication Is "Pioneering, Maccabean"

Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen of The Jewish Theological Seminary was a guest speaker at our school's rededication.

During his speech he urged our students to make "a difference in the world by taking this incredible tradition of Judaism into yourself and learning it along with everything else that Western civilization, the human race has to offer you, merge it into one and come out the other end with a you, with a you that nobody else can substitute for. That's what I hope all of us will do as Jewish human beings in this world. Take our heritage; make it ours and take the world in directions it couldn't have gone without us. This is the Golda Och I got to know."

Chancellor Eisen continued to say that a major reason that he got involved in JTS was Golda Och. "My wife and I said to ourselves (back then) . . . that if people like Michael and Golda are involved with JTS, then we're thankful that we get to be involved with JTS . . . (Golda) clearly is a person that takes learning seriously, this is a person who takes Hebrew seriously, this is a person who never takes herself too seriously but takes the enterprise, which is our Jewish tradition, and Jewish community very very seriously."

"That kind of spirit I hope will infuse the Golda Och Academy and its students and teachers and its friends for many many years to come," said Chancellor Eisen. "This is a great great day for us, not only because it's Hanukkah; we have another dedication to celebrate here—very much pioneering, very much Maccabean—let's make sure that our Jewish tradition lives and breathes and is vital with the help of this school for many many years to come."

—Text courtesy of Golda Och Academy.