Standards of Conduct

Standards of Conduct

These Standards of Conduct apply equally to all students, employees, visitors, and other invitees or vendors on the JTS campus. They also apply to campus organizations. This policy uses the term "members of the JTS community" to refer to these individuals and groups.

Members of the JTS community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with JTS's mission as an educational institution and a community of students, scholars, and teachers. Members of the JTS community protect and respect each individual's well-being, as we seek to live and work together with a minimum of conflict and a maximum of individual freedom. It is the right of each member of the JTS community to attend, make use of, and enjoy JTS facilities and activities without interference or disruption, including illegal, unreasonable, or persistent activities or communication interfering with or disrupting the legitimate activities of another student, faculty member, administrator, office, or department.

JTS values honesty, fairness, integrity, and high ethical standards. Members of the JTS community strive to integrate these values in all JTS functions and operations. Members of the JTS community comply with federal and state laws, JTS policies, the policies of their respective schools, contracts with outside parties, and, if a resident of the dormitories, the rules applicable to JTS housing. No one may retaliate against a member of the JTS community for raising a good-faith concern about JTS's compliance with its obligations or supporting, in good faith, a concern raised by another individual.

No one may recklessly or intentionally endanger the mental or physical health of a member of the JTS community, or intimidate or bully any member of the JTS community. No one may force the consumption of alcohol or drugs or inflict emotional or physical harm on another person as part of an initiation into an organization.

The failure to comply with these standards of conduct may result in disciplinary action, including, for students, probation, suspension, or dismissal from the residence halls or from JTS, and/or the imposition of monetary damages.