Safety and Security


Safety and Security

Emergency Telephone Numbers

JTS Emergency....................x8888, (212) 678-8888
Columbia Security.................. 854-2796
Barnard Security.................... 854-3362
Facilities and Maintenance....... x8095
Goldsmith Guard.................... 222-3447
JTS Security.......................... x8087
MSRH Guard ......................... 222-3280
NYPD, 26th Precinct................ 678-1311
St. Luke's Emergency Room.... 523-3336
Residence Life.........................x8035

JTS Security

JTS's Security Department, at the main entrance of 3080 Broadway, is on duty twenty-four hours a day. Security guards are JTS employees. The Security Office may be reached from any JTS telephone.

JTS has three sites: 3080 Broadway, 415 West 120th Street (Mathilde Schechter) and 537 West 121st Street. Each of these sites has a security guard on duty. The guards have the ability to communicate building to building and between other security safety departments in the area. All of our guards have access to the Morningside Area Alliance and the 26th Precinct police station. Guests at MSRH and Goldsmith must sign in before entry to the residence hall is permitted.

Should a problem occur, report it immediately to the resident adviser or to the guard on duty. A report, either by JTS or the victim, is conveyed immediately to the precinct, unless otherwise requested by the victim.

Morningside Heights Area Alliance Patrol: 280-4524
Uniformed staff from this community organization patrol the area by car.

New York Police Department (NYPD), 26th Precinct: 678-1311
The NYPD is located on 126th Street near Broadway. JTS maintains a strong working relationship with the 26th Precinct.

In the Residence Hall

Keep your room and suite doors locked at all times, even if you are just away for a few minutes. Keep your keys with you. Do not, however, put your name or address on your key ring. Draw curtains and blinds after dark. If you return to your room and suspect it has been entered illegally, call Security or the RA.

On the Street

Stay in well-lit areas near the curb. Whenever possible, walk with somebody or stay near people. Jogging in Riverside Park is generally safe during daylight hours. Do not jog in Riverside (or any park) after dark or early in the morning. The Columbia University Gym is available to JTS students. If you carry a purse or a backpack, keep it across your shoulder and close to your body. If your purse is snatched, don't fight! Give it up rather than risk personal injury. If you use a bank card, try to use it in daylight hours or in access centers where other people are present.

Obscene Telephone Calls and Telephone Abuse

In an effort to prevent telephone abuse, it is recommended that you do not record your full name or telephone number on your voice mail or answering machine. This will prevent an obscene caller from addressing you by name.

· If the caller's voice is unfamiliar, ask the caller to identify himself or herself.

· If the caller asks "Who is this?", do not identify yourself. Ask instead, "What number are you dialing?" or "To whom do you wish to speak?"

· If the caller does not provide adequate identification, says nothing, or begins using abusive language, hang up immediately.

Fire Safety (911 Emergency)

Fire alarm boxes are located on every floor in each of the buildings that comprise JTS. Upon discovery of a fire, ring the nearest fire alarm box.

Every person in the building must exit the building and cross the street as soon as the alarm sounds. Failure to do so is a violation of New York City law and may result in monetary fines. Regular fire drills are conducted by JTS to ensure that all members of the JTS community know how to respond in the event of a fire.

Sounding a false alarm is a violation of New York City law and will result in disciplinary action and a monetary fine.

Combustible materials, electrical appliances, and cooking are potential fire safety hazards. These matters are covered, in detail, in the Residence Hall Occupancy Agreement, a copy of which is given to each resident of the residence hall.

When the fire alarm rings:

1. Turn off all electrical appliances.
2. Close all windows.
3. Put on shoes and a coat.
4. Close but do not lock the door.
5. Leave the building by the fire exit stairs. Do NOT use the elevators.
6. Fire alarms and extinguishers are regularly tested in the residence halls.


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