Grievance Procedures

1. General Grievance Procedures

Any person who believes that JTS policies or procedures either do not conform to applicable laws or are contrary to its own published standards, and whose complaint is outside the scope of other available hearing bodies, may request consideration of the matter as outlined below:

  • In most situations, the person should consult the appropriate Dean or the Director of Human Resources, who will assist the person in approaching the appropriate faculty member, department head or supervisor.
  • If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Complainant, he/she may present a written statement to the  Vice Chancellor/Chief Operating Officer who will determine whether he can assist in the resolution of the matter.

2. Student Complaint Process

Any student who has a complaint with respect to eligible programs, requirements, or other grievances at JTS, and the complaint cannot be resolved informally, as outlined in the General Grievance Procedures above, or which is not covered by other applicable hearing bodies, may file a formal written complaint with the Vice Chancellor/Chief Operating Officer.

Any complaints so filed shall be investigated and resolved, if possible, within ninety days, when a final determination shall be made and communicated to the student. If the Vice Chancellor is directly involved in the alleged problem, a complaint may be filed with the Provost. Any questions as to whether the Vice Chancellor is directly involved in a problem shall be directed to the Office of Counsel for determination.

No adverse action shall be taken against any student filing such a complaint, as long as such complaints are filed in good faith, and with reasonable assurance of the accuracy of the facts.

         July, 2007