Fire Safety

 Fire Safety (911 Emergency)

Fire safety related information, including the most current fire safety policies, will be found at and in the Emergency Information Guide.  The residence hall occupancy agreement provides additional information for residents on fire safety and safety policies.

A Summary of the JTS  Emergency Guide may be found at  The Guide may also be accessed internally through Blackboard at , where the full Emergency Information Guide is available in the Information section of the Facilities portal.  The Emergency Information Guide also includes the JTS policies on missing students as well as safety and security information. Copies of the Summary and full Emergency Information Guides are available in the Office of Facilities or the Office of Human resources.

Fire alarm boxes are located on every floor in each JTS building. When activated, the alarm system automatically summons the fire department.

Every person in the building must exit the building and cross the street as soon as the alarm sounds. Failure to do so is a violation of New York City law and may result in monetary fines. JTS conducts regular fire drills to help inform all members of the JTS community how to respond in the event of a fire. Fire drills are conducted at least once a semester in each of the buildings. Evacuation during drills is mandatory. In addition, fire alarms and extinguishers are regularly tested in the residence halls.

Sounding a false alarm is a violation of New York City law and will result in disciplinary action and a monetary fine.

Combustible materials, electrical appliances, and cooking are potential fire safety hazards. These matters are covered, in detail, in the Residence Hall Occupancy Agreement, a copy of which is given to each resident of the residence hall.

When the fire alarm rings, and it is safe to do so:

1. Turn off all electrical appliances.
2. Close all windows.
3. Put on shoes and a coat.
4. Close but do not lock the door. Take your key.
5. Leave the building by the fire exit stairs. Do NOT use the elevators.