Consensual Amorous Relationships

The Jewish Theological Seminary is committed to creating an environment in which learning can take place in an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect. We recognize that an amorous relationship, even if consensual, between a faculty member and a student may impair or undermine the ongoing trust required for effective teaching, learning, and professional development. Because of the authority or power held by the faculty member over the student, conflicts of interest and perceptions of unfair advantage may arise. In addition, the possibility exists that such relationships may be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Therefore, JTS prohibits amorous or sexual relationships between any JTS faculty member, teaching assistant, dean, associate dean, or assistant (to) dean, and a student whose academic work, teaching, or research is being supervised or evaluated by that individual. If such a relationship should exist or develop between an individual in that role and a student, this policy requires the person to remove himself or herself from all supervisory, evaluative, and/or formal advisory roles with respect to the student.

Should a charge be made that this policy is being violated, JTS is obligated to investigate and resolve the charge in accordance with the procedures of its Sexual Harassment Policy and applicable grievance procedures.

December 1999