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1) I have my presentation on a Mac; will it work with your video projectors?

There are two options. If you want to operate the presentation from your Mac, you must bring in a video adapter plug (which you may purchase through Apple) for us to connect to our LCD screen. If not, the easiest option is to transfer your presentation onto a CD, DVD, or flash drive so that it can then be loaded onto a provided PC laptop.

2) If I want to include a video on my departmental website, are there any time limitations?

Individual video clips cannot exceed twenty minutes. For longer videos, we can break up the footage into multiple clips in order to fit the time constraint. If interested, contact us to arrange a supervised edit.

3) My computer presentation includes audio; which equipment is best to reserve?

An LCD display unit. LCD display units have built-in speakers and can present content from a laptop.

4) Why do I need to contact you when using a DVD for a presentation?

As there are several different DVD formats (e.g., NTSC or PAL, computer-burned discs, etc.), we want to ensure that yours will work on our equipment. Please contact us at least a week before your presentation so we can perform a multimedia test.

5) If no one is available by phone, and I need immediate, on-site assistance with new-media equipment, what is the best way to reach a staff member?

Call Facilities at (212) 678-8095, and they will contact us via walkie-talkie.