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Larry Cameola, New Media Producer: (212) 678-8039, Schiff 702A

Larry's extensive professional background includes working with key decision makers at Avon Products, Tiffany, and other corporations; media leaders at Sony Picture Classics, HBO, and CNN; and notable celebrities and fashion designers.

At New York University, Larry did undergraduate and graduate work in Film Studies, and his professional life grew along with what was then an emerging field. He earned his reputation by mastering and developing systems—for which he won many awards—and continues to receive recognition from his peers.

Consult with Larry to plan your next production project or event in order to help determine the most efficient and impactful way to present your content or presentation.

Stephanie Serrano, New Media Coordinator: (212) 280-6028, Schiff 705

Stephanie has a bachelor of arts degree in Cinema and Cultural Studies and a Media Arts minor from Stony Brook University. She enjoys exploring how technology can enhance the ways in which people interact and build communities.

Whether using an avatar on social networking and entertainment websites or conversing at a videoconference, Stephanie believes that the way we send messages is as important as the messages themselves. She helps people become familiar with new technology so they can communicate more effectively.

Contact Stephanie to learn more about JTS video podcasts or to find out how to experience other interactive learning technologies.

New Media Department, General inquiries: Mailbox 56